Five Things That Get Checked During An MOT

car wheel being removed during a service

An MOT is the annual check your vehicle has to go through in order to pass mandatory government regulations. A professional and licensed garage will run a number of tests around safety and emissions to ensure the health of the vehicle and other road users.

It’s important to note that an MOT is different to car servicing, in that it does not assess the health of your engine itself. Running issues and wear and tear of internal components are not taken into account with an MOT.

To elaborate on this further, we’ve put together a list on the five main aspects of a vehicle that get checked during an MOT.


1.6mm is the minimum tyre tread depth for any vehicle on the road. It equates to about the same thickness as the edge of a 20-pence piece. Technicians will measure this and if a tyre does not meet requirements, it may be failed. However, although a failure may sound severe, a retest is usually free of charge once repairs have been carried out.

As the main barrier between your car and the road, tyres are arguably the most important aspect of an MOT. Bold tyres are at risk of blowing out, or losing friction and causing a road accident. This can be severe if not maintained properly.

Lights & Indicators

When driving at night, or making manoeuvres, your lights and indicators are essential. As with all electrical components, they can fall victim to wear and tear.

As part of an MOT, a mechanic will check the bulbs, relays and functionality of these features to ensure they’re working correctly. Additionally, this will guarantee other road users can see your vehicle, and your intentions at all times.

car indicator


One of the major elements of an MOT test is the emissions. With billions of vehicles travelling at all times on our planet, it’s important to try and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. A licensed technician will check your exhaust fumes and the catalytic converter as part of the test. This ensures the vehicle abides by government regulations.


Your brakes are the only thing reducing your speed, and stopping your car from colliding with the roadside, and other road users. As a result, they’re one of the major factors that need to be considered during an MOT test.

The health of your brake pads, callipers and discs are all assessed and will need to be replaced if not up to scratch. Furthermore, we recommend always getting your brakes checked as part of a separate service annually. This way, they’ll never fail you.

brake servicing being carried out

Safety Features

Safety features include your seatbelt, horn, airbags, pedals and all components that could create a safety risk if faulty. Even your windscreen will be checked for chips and cracks to guarantee clear vision.

As a result, a thorough check by an experienced and knowledgeable technician will leave your car as safe as physically possible upon completion of your MOT.

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