Why Isn’t My Car Air Conditioning Working? & Other FAQs

air conditioning being re filled

It can be a pain when you run into issues with your car’s air conditioning, as it not only helps to keep you warm or cool, but it also helps with demisting the windscreen. Here we’ve answered some more frequently asked questions about the system in your vehicle.

So, why isn’t the system working? There are many reasons why your car’s air conditioning might be having problems. This can include electrical issues like blown fuses or failed switches. It may also be down to low refrigerant levels, a blocked condenser or maybe problems with the compressor.

Signs There Is An Issue

Pay attention to what you can hear, feel, and smell when examining the air conditioning system. If you notice the compressor is noisy when it is turned on, this is a tell-tale sign there is a problem. If you can smell any strange odours when the system is in use, get it checked out. Finally, if demisting is taking a long time, or not being done at all, you can bet that this is an issue with the system and you should call your local garage to get it repaired.

person turning on air conditioning in their car

Does My Air Conditioning Need Recharging?

All systems need to have refrigerant to be functional. Sometimes these levels may be low if there’s an issue within the system. If your car has stopped blowing out cold air, that’s a good indication that it needs to be recharged.

How Often Should It Be Serviced?

We recommend getting air conditioning services every 1-2 years. This can be included in your regular car service package. This includes an anti-bacterial treatment to kill anything that may cause a strange odour in your vehicle. It also involves restoring the refrigerant levels for better performance and checking for any issues with the whole system. Keeping on top of these annual checks will help keep your air conditioning system in good condition.

How Do I Keep It In Good Condition?

There are a few things you can do to get optimal performance from the air conditioning in your vehicle. This includes running it at least once a week to ensure that it is still working, even through the milder months. This will help maintain the gas pressure during times when you need it. Avoid turning the system up to full blast as this can be wasteful, instead turn it up gradually and be patient. Finally, avoid opening windows when trying to cool your car as the air generated by the system is going to be wasted.

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