How To Test Brakes Before A Journey

car brake repair being carried out

Brake care is important for every vehicle. The system is designed to keep you and other drivers safe, so it’s important you keep on top of regular services and the MOT test. This ensures problems are detected early. In between appointments, if you think you have something wrong with your vehicle, ensure you get booked into a garage. Here are some checks you can do yourself to look out for any issues.

Push Down Brake Pedal

It’s good to complete a brake care check before a journey if you suspect an issue. As you move off, push on the pedal and look out for how it feels and how it impacts the car. It should not feel spongy or slack when depressed. This could compromise the ability to actually brake when there are obstructions. Also, if the vehicle pulls to one side when you push on the pedal, then this could be a problem with the brake pads. If these issues present themselves, you should visit a garage as soon as possible.

Listen To Your Car

Another way to undertake brake care is to listen to your vehicle. When the pedal is depressed, listen for any abnormal noises. Grinding or scraping noises could indicate an issue with the pads, and you should seek professional help. Also, squeaking may mean that a raeplacement is due and it should be done as soon as possible.

Look At Brake Lights

Whilst you’re testing brake care, it’s a good idea to make sure the back light illuminates as it should. This tells drivers that the car is slowing down and prevents collisions. Get in the vehicle and operate the pedal as normal. Get a friend or family member to go to the rear of the car and check to see if it works as it should. If it doesn’t, you should look at getting it changed immediately.

Book Into A Garage

If any abnormalities or obvious issues present themselves before an MOT or service appointment, ensure you get booked into a garage. Problems with brakes can cause an accident, so it’s important they are not ignored.

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