Five Signs Your Car Needs Repairs

car brakes being inspected

As a car owner, you’ll need repairs at some point in your motor’s lifetime. Vehicles are prone to wear and tear, and it’s not uncommon for components to break and cause engine troubles. We understand the inconvenience of being stuck at the roadside. So, to remedy this we’ve put together a list of signs to look out for, so you can get your car repaired without breakdown recovery.

Performance Issues & Engine Trouble

The benefit of driving a car every day is you become familiar with how it performs. As a result, you can detect engine issues and poor performance early. Sluggishness, peculiar noises and slow reaction times are all indications that you need car repairs. We recommend bringing your vehicle in for diagnostics if you start to sense performance issues or engine trouble.

engine trouble

Warning Lights

A great feature of modern-day vehicles is the electrical sensors installed in them. These detect problems internally and relay them to the driver through warning lights. There are a number of different warning lights that indicate oil level, temperature and battery issues. The colour dictates the severity. Orange is advisable, and red is severe. Regardless of the colour, we advise you to contact a professional mechanic for car repairs as soon just see any warning lights on your dashboard.

Poor Braking

Brakes are the only thing between a driver, other road users and severe accidents. Your braking system needs to be in top shape at all times so you can avoid hazards and slow down where necessary. 

As a result, you should keep a keen eye on their condition. If you notice any issues, contact a car repair technician for diagnostics to avoid brake failure and road accidents.


Blue Or Black Smoke

Excessive smoke of any kind is a worrying sight. Regardless of its colour, you should seek out car repairs as soon as you see blue or black smoke whilst driving. It’s important to note the cause of different coloured smoke emanating from your exhaust. Blue smoke is often an indicator of burning oil. It can be as simple as a filter issue, or a more severe engine problem. Blue smoke on the other hand indicates excess fuel. Again, this can just be a fuel filter replacement, but it’s best to get it checked for major engine issues.

exhaust smoke

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Poor fuel efficiency can be caused by a number of problems. From low oil levels to worn-out tyres, the cause can be both minor and severe. You’ll know how much your vehicle costs to fill up. If this has increased recently, and you’re paying more at the pump, then we advise contacting a garage for professional car repairs.


Choose Garej Wyn Cyf For Car Repairs

We’re kitted out with high-end diagnostic equipment and trained technicians in order to repair any car troubles you may be experiencing. If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, get in touch with us today to book a slot.

How Do I Contact Garej Wyn Cyf?

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