How To Test Brakes Before A Journey

car brake repair being carried out

Brake care is important for every vehicle. The system is designed to keep you and other drivers safe, so it’s important you keep on top of regular services and the MOT test. This ensures problems are detected early. In between appointments, if you think you have something wrong with your vehicle, ensure you get booked […]

How Long Does A Car Diagnostic Take? Commonly Asked Questions

engineer inspecting an engine with a clipboard

Car diagnostics can be either efficient or time-consuming, depending on the problem. We recommend speaking with a professional mechanic about the symptoms of your vehicle’s issue to help reduce this time. Minor issues with your brakes, for example, are easy to identify. Whereas internal engine components can often display multiple signs that are more difficult […]

When Do You Need An MOT


It’s important to know when It’s time for an MOT. Whether you own a car, van, motorbike, or lorry, every vehicle on UK roads needs to go through a set of tests in order to ensure maintained road safety and emissions standards. To help you keep up with MOT scheduling, and what it entails, we’ve […]

Five Signs Your Car Needs Repairs

car brakes being inspected

As a car owner, you’ll need repairs at some point in your motor’s lifetime. Vehicles are prone to wear and tear, and it’s not uncommon for components to break and cause engine troubles. We understand the inconvenience of being stuck at the roadside. So, to remedy this we’ve put together a list of signs to […]

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